priligy viagra Gold mining in Nevada is a major industry, and one of the largest sources of gold in the world.  Nevada produces approximately 80% of all the gold mined in the United States. The Jackpot/Patsy Mines, found in 1934 by John Thacke, have been part of Nevada mining history. The properties are located approximately 40 miles southeast of Las Vegas and 1.5 miles northwest of Nelson, in south central Clark County, Nevada.

best penny slot machines to play The properties are comprised of 180 acres on public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Southern Nevada District, Las Vegas Field Office.

The project site is located in the historic Eldorado Mining District (also known as the Colorado, Eldorado Canyon and Nelson Mining Districts),  a district characterized by occurrences and minor deposits of precious metals, base metals, and rare earths. The earliest documented mining in the district occurred in 1857 and continued intermittently until about 1984.  Over fifty mine and milling facilities are known to have operated within the district, mining and beneficiating ores containing gold, silver, copper and minor amounts of zinc and mercury.

We believe there is value in most of the property due to the massive amount of volcanic activities that took place here over the last 65 million years. It is named the "Patsy Mine Volcanics" on all geologic maps, after our partner Patricia Thacke. This unique geological formation is what made her father stake these claims.

The Jackpot/Patsy Mines have assay studies reflecting the possible reserves and resources of 196 tons of gold. The gold grade ranges from 0.09 oz to 1.31 oz per ton. Robert Garcia of Arizona, a well-known metallurgist who is appointed to purchase gold and precious metal products for banking institutions and governmental authorities, performed an assay reflecting 0.35 oz of gold and 6.22 oz of silver per ton of head ore. The test results from Tembop Recovery CC of South Africa are 0.33 oz of gold on average. Other assays are available as well, including test results by owners, AuRIC and ChemTek. Based on average price of $1000 per ounce, the total value of the Jackpot/Patsy Mines is over $6 billion.

Furthermore, the complete assay of ore revealed presence of PGM group and copper which have not been taken into consideration in above value.

The facility has been owned and operated by the Thacke family since 1934 and is jointly managed by Patricia Thacke and Rick Saga of Rare Earth Minerals and Metals, LLC (REMM), a Nevada company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, that has 30 year lease with KTMM.

Keys to success are our team, our technology and our mines, that we have been in control of since 1934, even prior to the U.S government's establishment of BLM. Our senior manager and chief mining scientist is Patricia Thacke. Patricia was born on this property 82 years ago and knows it inside and out, as you might imagine. Her mining knowledge is irreplaceable, since she was taught "hands on" by her father John Thacke.

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